Rugby Events (2003-2004)

Rugby Snippets

Border District League Champions

District League Administrator, Neil Crooks, was informed that Hawick Harlequins and Hawick Trades were unable to fullfill their remaining league fixtures (both had to travel to Tynedale).

At this point there were two contenders for the league championship - Kelso A and Tynedale Raiders. Neil recalculated league standings of Kelso and Tynedale after removing points gained against the two Hawick sides leaving Tynedale champions.

See photo of cup presentation + final table & results

Jack wins cap

QEHS captain Jack Harrison won his England 18 Group cap after taking part in an international tournament in Italy.

Jack had been struggling with a calf injury during the weeks leading up to the tournament but intensive physio ensured Jack made the trip.

England took a squad of 26 players for the International Tournament and succeeded in reaching the final before being overcome by a very strong France side. To reach the final England had fine wins over Rumania and Scotland and despite Jack's lack of match fitness he played a key part.

International Honours for Tynedale Trio

March 2004

Three Tynedale players have brought honour to themselves and the Club by being selected for Scotland International Squads.

Jamie Murray and Paul Boston fly out with a 12 man Senior Scotland Squad on Sunday 21st March to take part in the Hong Kong and Singapore Sevens Tournaments. The Hong Kong Sevens take place 26th-28th March whilst the Singapore Sevens take place 3rd-4th April.

Ben Duncan has been selected for the Scotland Under 21 squad which plays France.

Hong Kong Sevens (26th - 28th March 2004)

Scotland in Pool B with England, Georgia and China

Day 1
Scotland 26 v Georgia 0
Day 2
Scotland 12 v England 38
Scotland 36 v China 12
Scotland's defeat by England means Scotland entered the Plate Championship on Day 3 which they went on to win - an excellent achievement considering the opposition.
Scoland defeated France 28-22 in the final (Paul Boston scoring one of the tries) after overcoming Italy 20-17 and Kenya 19-7 to reach the final.


 Singapore Sevens (3rd - 4th April 2004)

Scotland were drawn in Pool A along with New Zealand, Argentina and Malaysia. Defeats against New Zealand and Argentina meant Scotland were in the Bowl Competition on Day 2 which to their credit they won.

Day 1
Scotland 14 v New Zealand 31
Scotland 10 v Argentian 27
Scotland 57 v Malaysia 0
Day 2 (Bowl Competition)
Scotland 31 v Korea 7
Scotland 31 v Hong Kong 0
Scotland 34 v Canada 5 (Final)


First XV Squad - Statistics (as of Oct 2003)

Number in squad


Average Age

24.3 years

Number of Backs


Average age of backs

22 years

Number of forwards


Average age of forwards

26 years

Average age of forwards without Richard and Edward Parker

24.6 years

Members over 6ft tall

22 (55%)

Members over 16 stone

12 (30%)

Number who played mini rugby at Tynedale

14 (35%)

Number who played junior rugby at Tynedale

14 (35%)

Number who played Colts rugby at Tynedale

16 (40%)

Number who played for Tynedale before 2000

25 (62%)

Number of Farmers

8 (20%)

Number of Students

11 (27.5%)



Number who have represented Northumberland Senior County


Relegation - Elimination of Cascade Effect

Uncertainty as to the number of teams to be relegated from our league caused by the "cascade" effect has been removed by changes announced by the RFU Competition sub-committee. From our league (National 3 North) A MAXIMUM OF THREE CLUBS WILL ALWAYS BE RELEGATED regardless of who is relegated from the league above.

Thats the easy bit!!

The more complicated bit concerns how this is achieved - in order to sustain this change it may be necessary for a minimal number of clubs to move across ("level transfer") into a neighbouring league outside of their normal Constituent Body. (eg. If the bottom three teams in the league above us are all southern teams then to balance the leagues one or two clubs will be "level transferred" from National Three South into our league (National Three North) ). In the absence of volunteers a panel will be responsible for the decision on which clubs will be moved to another league.

County Cup Draw (2003-2004)

Senior Cup

Final - Wednesday 14th April
Tynedale v Morpeth (KO 7.00pm) at Kingston Park
Tynedale beat Morpeth 20-6 to retain the County Cup.
Cup 3 (Junior Cup)
Final - Saturday 24th April
Tynedale Grasshoppers 57 v Alnwick III 24 (at Ponteland)
(See report and pictures)
The 'Hoppers reached the final following an impressive 63-15 win at Wallsend in the semi-final.
The 'Hoppers then turned in a truly marvellous performance to overcome Alnwick 57-24 in the final.

Playing Records

Season 2003-2004
First XV ( end of season)
39 different players have represented the 1st XV after 31 games.
No of tries scored = 73
Top Points Scorer - Phil Belgian 194 points (3 tries, 1 drop goal, 25conversions, 42 penalties)
Top Try Scorer - Ben Duncan (10 tries)
Peter Southern, Ed Holmes and Aaron Charlton are the only players to have been involved in every match.
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Raiders ( end of season)
65 different players have represented the Raiders in 22 games.
No of tries scored = 88
Top Points Scorers - Greg Dawson 118 points (2 tries, 30 conversions, 14 penalties)
Top Try Scorers - Jerome Parker (13 tries)
No player has been involved in all 22 matches - Dicky Hall and James Johnson have appeared in 21 matches
Grasshoppers ( end of season)
72 different players have represented the Hoppers in 22 games
Hadrians (end of season)
77 different players have represented the Hadrians after 13 games.
164 different players have represented the club


Season 2002-2003

First XV
40 different players represented the 1st XV in 30 games.
Barry Hills(1 replacement) and Peter Southern(1 replacement) were the only ever presents.
No of tries scored = 79
Top Points Scorer - Phil Belgian 250 points (3 tries, 2 drop goals, 38 conversions, 51 penalties)
Top Try Scorer - Paul Boston (12 tries)
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70 different players represented the Raiders in 21 games.
Gary Fleming was the only ever present.
No of tries scored = 122
No of penalties = 6
Top Points Scorers - Alistair Hopps 105 points (21 tries), Jonathan Mock 92 points (8 tries, 27 conversions)
3rd XV
68 different players represented the 3rd XV in 11 games
138 different players represented the club.
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Season 2001-2002 (End of Season))

43 different players represented the First XV from 27 matches with only Keith Johnson starting every match. Phil Belgian was top points scorer with 120 points while Ed Holmes was top try scorer with 8 tries. The First XV scored 62 tries. (see full details)
A staggering 81 different players represented the Raiders in 24 matches and not surpisingly no single player was an ever-present. Top points scorer was Simon Allen with 95 points while Richard Ponton was top try scorer with 15 tries (from 12 matches). The Raiders scored 111 tries to date.

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Season 2000-2001

38 different players represented the 1stXV (from 22 matches) whilst 67 different players represented the Raiders (from 18 matches).

The 1stXV's top points scorer was Alan 'Remi' Moses with 206 points (including 6 drop goals) whilst the top try scorer was Simon Clayton-Hibbott with 7 tries.

For the Raiders, Simon Allen was top points scorer with 101 points whilst Paul Rigby was top try scorers with 9 tries.